Choose “self-compassion” this Christmas

I guess it is safe to say that 2021 has been another strange year, where we all tried to find some kind of normality. Then we had it, then we didn’t. We had losses, we had gains, we had victories, we had defeats. Most importantly we did the best we could.

For some, the inner critique became louder, saying things like;

  •  If you make any mistakes, you are a failure.
  • You must be there for everyone, otherwise you are not good enough.
  • Others will judge if you don’t do it perfectly.
  • Your house must always look immaculate.
  • You must never make the wrong decision.

And the list can go on. Perhaps this is a good time to reflect upon the way you look at yourself, speak to, and treat yourself? Yes! Yourself. Reward yourself for everything you’ve accomplished this year – even if that’s just something like keeping some kind of normality.

Here are 6 self-gifts that you should truly give yourself this Christmas:

  1. Forgiveness – It’s Christmas, you may be quite generous in your ability to forgive others. But what about yourself? If you made a decision that tuned out to be less favourable than you originally predicted, it is ok. You did not know then what you know now. It is not fair to judge yourself with today’s knowledge.
  2. Kindness – Think about all the good qualities you have as a person, all the good values you hold as a person and pride yourself with. Make a list of kind words and affirmations you can tell yourself this Christmas, and bring it on as you begin 2022.
  3. Time – When was the last time you sat in front of the window and just enjoyed your cup of tea? Whether as full-time moms or as career women, we often feel like taking a break is a crime. So this Christmas, go ahead and fill that tub with your favourite bubbles and never feel guilty for a few extra minutes you spend relaxing. You will definitely feel more energised, more relaxed, and more productive.
  4. Care – Like those toothbrushes and hair combs are self-care enough? Go and book that spa treatment you’ve been wishing for the past many months (or years?) The more you care about yourself, the more you’ll be able to care for others.
  5. Love – Not only have you been hard on yourself for the past months, but you may also have been hard on those around you too. Cultivate love this holiday season by making that love letter for partner, or calling your parents, friends, or spending time with your kids. Rekindle your relationships with the people, who matter the most.
  6. Patience – Yes, even Christmas won’t be perfect…but that’s okay. Don’t even rush to make that list of what to expect for the following year. Take it slow, one day at a time. You’ve done enough.

Remember, looking after yourself is not being selfish. If you want to be available for the people you care about, you will be able to give more if you care for yourself more.

Would you like to take a journey of self-discovery, give yourself or someone you know a 1 on 1 coaching session this Christmas? Visit my website and see how I can help:

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