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Daily Event Record

3 minutes to calm audio guide

3 Minutes to Calm
Audio Guide

perfectionism checklist

Perfectionism Checklist

daily mindset dairy

Daily Mindset Diary

as a Human being

My Weekly Mindset

Anxiety & Mood Checklist
(PHQ9 & GAD7)

Attention Training
Audio Guide

Master Your Destiny
(Free Ebook)

Anything is possible
Empowering Mindset Mantras

The Confidence Power Mindset
(Free Ebook)

Building Social Confidence

Download Daily Event
Record Form

Easily log your observations and develop a more nuanced understanding of your perfectionism.

Download free audio guide!

Reduce the stress and anxiety, relax your mind and body with Aylin’s 3 minutes to complete calm guided meditation.

Download Perfectionism Checklist!

Determine whether you have perfectionistic tendencies, to what degree, and in which areas of your life.

Download Daily Mindset Diary!

Elevate your thinking, gain more confidence, and get closer to your goals with this 2-minute daily habit.

Download "YOUR BASIC RIGHTS" as a Human being!

Know your rights. Set a clear line. Don’t be vulnerable.

Download My Weekly Mindset Routines

Level up from your daily mindset routine. Download these helpful worksheets to help you develop your mindset habits.

Download Anxiety & Mood Checklist (PHQ9 & GAD7)

Level up from your daily mindset routine. Download these helpful worksheets to help you develop your mindset habits.

Download Attention Training Audio Guide!

Learn how to manage your anxiety and depression through this Attention Training Audio Guide prepared for you by Aylin Webb (Ref: Wells, A. 1990).

Download Master Your Destiny (Free Ebook)

Unleash your inner potential by exploring new horizons and breaking away from the comforts of familiarity! This remarkable eBook is your definitive guide to becoming open to limitless possibilities, empowering you to take on the world like never before.

Download Anything is possible - Empowering Mindset Mantras

Fuel your inner fire with the power of positivity and download this awe-inspiring video featuring empowering mindset mantras! Unleash your full potential and experience the exhilarating rush of achieving all your wildest dreams.

Download The Confidence Power Mindset Free E-book

Discover the profound connection between confidence and resilience, and how they work hand in hand to propel you towards your goals. With empowering anecdotes and practical insights, unlock the limitless potential within you as you embrace the mantra, “I can, I will, I did,” and embark on a journey of personal growth and success.

Building Social Confidence eWorkbook

Whether you are an introvert who feels overwhelmed in social situations or someone who wants to improve their communication skills, this eWorkbook can help you achieve your goals.