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The Wheel of Values

The Wheel of Values represents what’s important to us and what we cherish deeply. It’s about our fundamental beliefs that guide our priorities, the choices that give our lives meaning, and the things we genuinely care about. While values aren’t goals themselves, when we align our goals with our values, it brings satisfaction, contentment, and motivation to our lives.

The Worry Crasher

The Worry Crasher – 7 Step Problem Solving worksheet is a helpful tool to address worries and problems systematically. It guides you through identifying the issue, weighing the pros and cons of different solutions, and creating a plan of action. By using this worksheet, you can gain clarity, reduce stress, and take proactive steps towards resolving your concerns.

The Confidence Power Mindset
(Free Ebook)

The Confidence Power Mindset: With confidence comes the resilience to build the skills needed for success; it’s an empowering force that motivates action and innovation while supporting overall well-being. A confidence mindset means being open to learning, trying new experiences, and following through despite fears or setbacks. If you have ever felt lacking in confidence when considering a career change or stepping outside your comfort zone, this is for you.

Building Social Confidence

The “Building Social Confidence Workbook” offers strategies to boost your confidence in any situation. Confidence is crucial; it helps us overcome challenges, achieve our goals, and maintain a positive self-image. Social confidence, specifically, enables better communication, networking, and enjoyment in social settings, even if you feel confident in other areas of life.

Daily Event Record

The Daily Event Record Form is based on principles from cognitive behavioural therapy. It is designed to assist you in identifying and understanding your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions related to a specific event. 

3 Minutes to Calm
Audio Guide

This 3-minute guided meditation will help you focus on your breathing, relax and remove any tension in your mind and body.

Perfectionism Checklist

Are you a perfectionist? Many people think perfection means success, but perfectionism can negatively affect many aspects of our lives and cause emotional distress. Discover on this checklist which areas might be influenced by your perfectionist tendencies.

Daily Mindset Diary

It is important to start your day with the right mindset, and it begins by making the choice in the morning. The Daily Mindset Diary will guide you with prompts from the morning about your mindset, encourage you, assist you with your to-do list and your self-care plans for the day, and conclude with an evening reflection.

as a Human being

You might have been putting others before yourself at the expense of your well-being, or finding it hard to say no. Here you will find reminders of your rights to emphasise that you and your well-being matter, as do your rights simply as a human being.

My Weekly Mindset

Progress Towards Your Dreams with MY WEEKLY MINDSET ROUTINES: This e-book will assist you in keeping a gratitude journal, unpacking your limiting beliefs, practicing self-care and breathing exercises, creating a weekly schedule, and incorporating mindfulness.

Anxiety & Mood Checklist
(PHQ9 & GAD7)

The PHQ-9 and GAD-7 are brief questionnaires are widely used and designed to help assess your feelings of low mood and anxiety. They consist of a few questions about your symptoms over the past two weeks, and your answers are scored to measure the severity of your symptoms. The forms also include the scoring.

Attention Training
Audio Guide

ATT, or the attention training technique, developed by Professor Wells, is a method where you listen to different sounds coming from different places around you. It’s like a game for your mind! By practicing ATT, you can learn to shift your focus away from negative thoughts, like worrying too much, and instead focus on what is happening around you, which can help you feel better and more in control.

Master Your Destiny
(Free Ebook)

Unlock your potential and achieve your goals with this transformative e-book, packed with practical tips for taking control of your life. Harness the power of your mindset, set clear goals, overcome obstacles, develop positive habits, and find inspiration to keep moving forward. Download “Master Your Destiny” today and start your journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.

Anything is possible
Empowering Mindset Mantras

“Anything is Possible” is a collection of 31 empowering mantras paired with relaxing music to motivate you. We often like to box ourselves in, believing we know our limits, but true belief is about having faith in your abilities and seeing the good in every situation. Positive thinking is a powerful tool; it opens us to new opportunities and fills our world with hope and possibility.